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Booher offers a few public workshops throughout the year that are open-enrollment. Like our in-house workshops, these public workshops are limited to 10-25 participants (depending on the course) to maintain a highly effective learning environment.

Strategic Writing™

Course Description

This fast-paced two-day workshop teaches you the thinking process behind writing email, letters, reports, proposals, and other correspondence. You will learn several highly effective, time-saving techniques and processes such as the MADE Format®, the Idea Wheel, and the Five-Step Writing Process, just to name a few. With these processes and proprietary document models, you will improve your productivity, achieve intended results, improve clarity, and present the appropriate image to clients, colleagues, and the public. Bring your own on-the-job writing samples to class for immediate application of the principles learned.

Key Objectives

  • Use strategic organizational formats that achieve results
  • Improve clarity to prevent rework and mistakes
  • Organize details and data based on situation/audience analysis
  • Eliminate grammatical errors that mar image, create confusion, and often lead to litigation
  • Write authoritatively and persuasively to get action
  • Select an appropriate business writing style to present a professional image
  • Condense document length to save reader time
  • Reduce writing time

Call Booher at 800-342-6621 for more details.

Presentations That Work®

Course Description

Every presentation you make—whether to 6 or 6,000—is an opportunity to advance your ideas and your career!

This intensive two-day workshop includes eight or nine video presentations and provides feedback from both instructors and peers.  The training focuses on instruction and practice in presentation organization, delivery skills, visual design and use, and question-and-answer models.  You will receive personalized, confidential feedback from the instructor and will develop your own self-improvement action plan.  Customized exercises give you first-hand experience presenting in one-on-one, small-group, impromptu, and sit-down settings.

Key Objectives

  • Organize your presentation ideas and information for highest impact
  • Develop a dynamic delivery style to engage your listeners
  • Think on your feet to respond to questions clearly, concisely, and credibly
  • Design and use visuals effectively
  • Reduce your preparation time
  • Increase rapport and persuasiveness with your listeners
  • Add "the finishing touches" (attention-grabbing openings, closes, stories, metaphors, illustrations)

Apply author Dianna Booher’s years of expertise as a keynote speaker and communication consultant to major corporations to your own business presentations and personal interactions.

Dianna has earned the highest distinction in the professional speaking industry, having been inducted into prestigious Speaker's Hall of Fame. Successful Meetings magazine has also named her to its list of the "Top 21 Speakers for the 21st Century." In the Presentations That Work® Workshop you’ll learn the proven techniques that have made her one of the most successful speakers in the industry.

Call Booher at 800-342-6621 for more details.


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