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Welcome to You'll find here award-winning resources to meet your communication challenges at work and home. Booher training programs represent more than 30 years of research with Fortune 500 companies, governmental agencies, and entrepreneurial ventures. If you don't find a communication training option on this site that meets your needs, call us. With Booher, you can always... Communicate with Confidence!®

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Since 1980, Booher Consultants has been teaching executives, managers, professionals, and support staff in organizations around the world to communicate what they mean clearly, concisely, and effectively. Our training targets all forms of corporate communication—writing (email, reports, proposals, letters, manuals, memos, and more), presentation skills, meetings, and personal one-on-one interactions with colleagues, clients, and customers.

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Whatever your needs in the communication area, Booher Consultants can help you develop a program to meet those specific needs. With our extensive, ongoing research in the field of communication, we can consult with you to determine organizational objectives, design and develop programs to meet those needs, and then determine measurements of the impact of your training on the total organization and on an individual's personal effectiveness.

Our extensive expertise in this research and development arena has been evidenced by publication of Dianna Booher's work by major trade publishers such as Prentice Hall, McGraw-Hill, Warner, Simon & Schuster/Pocket Books, Random House/Ballantine, and Macmillan. Let us put this expertise to work for you.

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Whether your employees are presenting ideas to the boss, to a peer, to a customer, or to the media, Booher can help them learn to communicate clearly, quickly, and concisely—to gain the competitive edge in today's marketplace.

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